Designed for #4 Rebar

Hercules Splicer

See the most efficient way to splice your rebar

The Hercules Splicer (#901-4) is perfect for lap splicing two pieces of rebar together without using wire ties. Our Splicer is designed for #4 rebar and can also be used with fiberglass bar. The Hercules splicer works great in concrete slabs and footings, but it can also be used in vertical applications. Simply slide a splicer onto each bar then slide them back to connect the bars, and you’re done! A minimum of two splicers are recommended for each lap splice. 

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Splicer Installation Guide

Step 1. Slide a Splicer onto each piece of reinforcement in opposite directions.


Step 2. Move the two pieces of reinforcement closer together and slide each Splicer back in the opposite direction to secure both pieces of reinforcement.

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Hercules Splicer

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do our chairs get buried in the concrete or get taken out during the pour?


What reinforcement sizes is our splicer designed for?
How many splicers should I use for each lap splice?
We recommend using a minimum of two splicer at each lap splice.