Designed for #4 or #5 Rebar with 3″ Clearance

2-BAR Footing Stand

Explore the Strength of 2-BAR Footing Stands

The #928 Hercules 2-Bar Footing Stand is designed for 2 bar applications using #4 and #5 rebar. Each bar is positioned 5″ apart with a 3″ clearance from the ground. The #928 is strong and will not collapse during the pour. Simply snap the rebar into place. No wire tying is necessary. The rebar is kept at the correct height in the footer and will help you “get the job done right!”

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2-Bar Footing Stand Placement & Usage

For our 2-Bar Footing Stands, we recommend placing a stand every 4 feet. Simply snap the reinforcement into the clips, and you are finished. No wire tying needed. Our footing stands ensure the reinforcement stays in the right place before, during, and after the concrete pour.

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2-BAR Footing Stand

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do our chairs get buried in the concrete or get taken out during the pour?


What spacing between stands is recommended?
4 feet
What is the overall height of the chair?


What is the spacing between each bar snap?
What reinforcement sizes are these stands designed for?
#4’s and #5’s