3BAR Footer Stand

Designed for #4 or #5 Rebar with 3″ Clearance

This 3-Bar Footer Stand can be used for two and three bar applications.

How it works!

The #924 Hercules 3-Bar Footer Stand is designed for 3 bar applications using #4 and #5 rebar. Each bar is positioned 5″ apart with a 3″ clearance from the ground. Simply snap the rebar into place. No wire tying is necessary. The #924 is strong and will not collapse during the pour. The rebar is kept at the correct height in the footer and will help you “get the job done right!”

3-Bar Footer Stand (924) Estimator

Turning the Corner with the
Hercules 3″ Rebar Chair (#912)

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Steel or Fiberglass Rebar? Doesn’t matter.

Hercules Chair products work well with both steel and fiberglass rebar.

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