About us

Our History

Welcome to Hercules Chair, a proud product of T.J. Harris Co. We’re all about making your construction work easier and more efficient. Our journey began in 2002, when Terry, who had been running a mechanic shop for 35 years, saw a big opportunity in the rebar chair industry. He thought, “Why tie rebar when you can snap it together?” And just like that, Hercules Chair was born.

We started small with our 1.5” chair, but we’ve grown a lot since then. By 2007, we had sold over 1,000,000 chairs, and now we’re at a whopping 14,500,000! Our chairs are 100% made in the USA, and we’re proud of it. We’re a family business, and that means we put extra care into everything we do.

Our Hercules Rebar Chairs are super strong and keep rebar right where it should be – before, during, and after pouring concrete. They work great with both steel and fiberglass rebar. Plus, they’re made from 100% recycled plastic. That’s good for the planet!

Why choose Hercules Chair? It’s simple:

  • Save Time and Money: Our chairs cut rebar placement time in half compared to wire tying. That means less work and more savings for you.
  • Get the Job Done Right: With our chairs, your rebar will stay off the ground and in the perfect spot. No more worries about your rebar sinking into the ground when the concrete pours.

We’ve got a range of products to suit your needs, from our 1.5″ and 3″ Rebar Chairs to our 2-Bar and 3-Bar Footer Stands, and even our 2″ Steel Mesh Chair. Whatever your project, we’ve got the chair to make your work easier.

Thanks for choosing Hercules Chair, a T.J. Harris Co. product. We’re excited to be a part of your construction journey!

Over 14 Million Sold & Counting

At Hercules Chair, we’ve reached a significant milestone, having sold over 14 million rebar chairs and accessories. This achievement reflects the trust and preference of our customers across the United States. Our products are versatile, being used in a wide range of projects, from small residential tasks to large-scale commercial constructions. Many choose Hercules Rebar Chairs for their efficiency and reliability, finding them a practical alternative to traditional rebar tying methods. Best of all, our products are proudly made in the USA, and we are committed to using recycled plastics for a more eco-friendly tomorrow. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and ease of use continues to support the successful completion of numerous construction projects.