Who Do We Sell To?

About Our Distribution Network

At Hercules Chair, we cater to a wide array of businesses and are dedicated to meeting the needs of each one. Our partners includes retail brick-and-mortar shops, online resellers, wholesale distributors, and building supply stores of all sizes. Our mission is to ensure that Hercules Rebar Chairs are accessible to everyone who needs to speed up their concrete jobs while consistently meeting proper building codes. Whether you’re a small local store or a large online platform, our products are designed to add value to your offerings and appeal to a diverse customer base. We understand the importance of efficiency and compliance in construction, and our chairs are crafted to meet these critical needs. By partnering with us, you’re not just selling a product; you’re providing a solution that enhances construction projects, ensuring they are completed faster and up to code. We’re here to grow with you, supporting your journey in bringing Hercules Rebar Chairs and accessories to your customers, helping them achieve their construction goals effectively and efficiently.

We’re Looking To Adding More Partners In The Following Areas

Local Hardware Stores

Hercules Rebar Chairs and accessories are easy enough for homeowners to use with DIY concrete projects.

Physical REtail Chains

Retail ready packaging and production capacity for any large scale reseller.

Wholesale Distributors

Volume pricing is available to wholesale distributors, making Hercules Rebar Chairs perfect for wholesale distributors.

Online REtailers

With over 14,000,000 Hercules Rebar Chairs sold, customers already trust our brand and are looking to buy them across retailers.

Talk To Us

We’re always open to having a conversation about how we can partner together and bring more Hercules Chairs to end customers.

Join Our Distribution Network

Join our distribution network and become a part of the Hercules Rebar Chairs success story. We offer comprehensive support and partnership opportunities, ensuring that our collaboration is mutually beneficial and geared towards shared growth and success.